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China is mobilising hundreds of missiles to disputed islands us officials claim

CHINA may be preparing to mobilise “hundreds” of its surface-to-air missiles currently stationed in Hainan Island.

US military officials said the missiles, which Beijing recently shipped to its non-contested Hainan Island in the South China Sea, will be moved to the countrys disputed man-made islands over coming months.

The officials told Fox News Hainan Island would likely serve as a training site before the missiles are deployed early next year to the disputed Spratly Islands or Woody Islands.

The equipment includes a number of short, medium and long-range weapons. One of these, a military unit of the advanced SA-21 system, would be capable of knocking out aircraft from more than 400km away.

The officials also said the total number of surface-to-air missiles on Hainan could reach 500.

If true, this puts Chinas actions in the South China Sea at odds with previous statements made by President Xi Jinping.

While strengthening its presence in the South China Sea is a long-term goal for Beijing, Mr Xi pledged not to militarise the disputed region during a visit to the US last year.

This is another example of the adventurous and aggressiveness of the Chinese in the face of an anaemic and feckless set of policies that weve seen over the last eight years, said retired air force Lieutenant General David Deptula, the former head of air force intelligence.

This latest development comes days after Beijing returned an unclassified underwater research drone in the South China Sea.

The Pentagon accused China of stealing the drone, making global headlines after Donald Trump slammed the Chinese government on Twitter, and then told them to keep it.

Earlier this month, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative think tank (AMTI) reported that China appeared to have installed weapons on all seven of its artificial islands in the region.

AMTI said it had been tracking construction of hexagonal structures on Fiery Cross, Mischief and Subi reefs in the Spratly Islands since June and July. China has already built military length airstrips on these islands.

A fresh batch of satellite photos taken in November show these are being completed as point-defence fortifications housing radar-guided anti-aircraft and antimissile guns.

China has said military construction on the islands will be limited to necessary defensive requirements.

Fraudster who stole 255810 from bank customers whinges about prison food

IN A real life version of the Netflix hit series Orange is the New Black, awhingeing female convict has complained that prison food is “disgusting”.

Former bank worker Anisyah Ali, jailed for helping pinch $255,810 (123,000) of customers cash, has called for an improvement in jail grub, arguing that all the meals were unhealthy.

The crook, jailed for three years earlier this year after playing a pivotal role in swindling cash from Halifax Bank customers in the United Kingdom, said while she didnt expect a KFC box meal behind bars in the United Kingdom, the carbs dished up at London womens prison HMP Holloway tended to stick to the stomach.

Ali, 25, appeared to show little remorse for her crimes in the letters to lags mag Inside Time.

She wrote: I was giving a helping hand to the ladies who were a serving dinner only to receive the most disgusting shock of my life.

I found a dead cockroach mixed in with the vegetables, which (was) boiled with the veg, Ali, letter continued.

After our shock and nervous laughter, we came crashing back to reality as we realised that the food we receive is of awful quality and does not really provide us with the nutrition that we genuinely need for our bodies.

I am no food critic and I realise that we are in prison, so I am not asking for KFC box meals, but the food we receive is incredibly unhealthy and almost all carbohydrate tends to stick to the stomach.

Why can we not have better quality ingredients as food does affect out health and wellbeing?

Ali claimed in court that she only agreed to help with the scam after fraudsters threatened to publish naked photos of her online.

She broke down in tears as she revealed how the photos, which she had sent to a previous lover, ended up on a Danish porn website and a fake Facebook profile.

But Ali was found guilty of two counts of fraud and locked up for three years and three months in May this year.

The Old Bailey heard the personal banker at the Wembley branch of a the Halifax in north London, passed confidential details of one of her wealthy clients accounts to her fiance Salim Hussain, 29.

The pair then used the details to withdraw huge sums of cash and buy cars and gold jewellery, spending a massive $255,810 (123,000) between March and May 2012.